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NEXtreme-II – just fast ThinClient Bandwidth Manager New eLux RL software
NEXtreme-II – just fast NEXtreme-III,  more power , superior software. Dual DVI and a PCI extension slot , better handling of up to 2 screens and a really fast processor. Now with FULL HDX and Remote FX support, and USB 3.0


ThinClient Bandwidth Manager NEXterminal releases new version of Thin Client Bandwidth Manager with very much enhanced Scheduling Engine, much more responsive Bandwidth Management and new bandwidth consumption graphs display….
New eLux RL software eLux® RL, the new generation following the successful eLux® NG, is a newly designed Linux-based embedded operating system, especially developed for vendorindependent Thin Clients in server-based environments, thus taking advantage of the centralization in networks and the reduction of the Total Cost of Ownership for which Thin Clients are known.

Latest News

Elux RP 4.1 released

eLux RP V4.1.0 is availabe and new Scout server on NExterminal Download page

There are many reason to upgrade ,

  • Nexceed graphics drivers is 30% faster, due to kernel update from 2.6 to 3.4
  • support of MS Lync V 1.3 
  • Citrix HDX Real Time Engine, Citrix HDX Real Time Media Engine
  • Citrix HDX Realtime Communicator
  • Avaya VDI Communicator
  • Firefox version 17 (ESR)
  • New Moderes UI
  • USB 3.0 support
  • upgrade from eLux RL V2 auf eLux RP V4.1.0 now possible
  • RDP multiscreen now works again
  • skype version 4.2 incl webcam support
  • and manny small new features

Scout support

  • Able do determine Scout based on IP address rage, MAC adress etc
  • better report generator

NEXtreme-II , just fast

NEXtreme-III,  more power , superior software. Dual DVI and a PCI extension slot , better handling of up to 2 screens and a really fast processor. Now with FULL HDX and Remote FX support, and USB 3.0


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Trade in campaign for old NEXterminals

NEXterminal offers a trade in campaign for all old NEXterminal at a 20% discounted price

from the 15′th of may 2013 to the 14′th of June 2013 we offer you the following trade in, in which you must comply

  • Buy a new NEXstation VIII at 20% discount
  • Delivery is from 6-8 week from order.
  • Return your old terminal within 30 days upon receipt of new terminal
  • the discounted prices are
    • NEXstation-VIII inklusiv e-Lux RP dkk 1.728,- ex. moms
    • NEXstation-VIII eksklusiv e-Lux RP – 1.596,- ex. Moms

Why would you use this trade in offer ?

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Elux RP 4.0.1 and Scout version 13.1 released

Elux 4.0.1 and scout is available at the downloads link

So what is new…   Elux RP 4.0 builds on a new Linux kernel, the kernel has been upgraded from version 2,6 to version 3.4, with gives some graphics cards a significant performance boost (nexceed). Additionally there is a newer Freerdp client, which supports Audio In/out, session broker , printer , USB and Dual screen etv. The Vmware View and Citrix clients are also updated. Most important is that all new future developments features like HDX realtime  Full Story

PCoIP terminaler

PCoIP terminaler

NEXus-I er død, NEXus-II er født, Alle taler om VDI og der er 2 produkter som er ”førende”. Citrix Xen Desktop er den ene, den anden er Vmware View. Nexus-I har bevist sit værd som en ren hardware baseret Vmware View Terminal, med ”second to none” grafisk performance. Vi har kunder hvor Pc’en står i Danmark og terminalen i Ukraine (en-til-en løsning).. Og jo, de arbejder med 3D programmer, 3D modelling, cad cam mv… og det spiller fint.  Full Story

NEXTerminal Elux Lite er frigivet

NEXTerminal Elux Lite er frigivet, og kan hentes på´s hjemmeside under download (såfremt din software subscribtion er valid). Software versionen virker på NEXstation IV til NEXstation VIII, samt på alle NEXceed modeller.  Der er nyere ICA , RDP og browser i den nye firmware.


Tips & Tricks

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Converting a DVI to a VGA signal can sometimes make some confusion,  either at BIOS level or at application level. We have has reports of a mouse offset issue with Citrix Xenapp version 6 using either ICA client version 10 or 11.  The new ICA clients for Linux uses information obtained from the “xrandr” Linux command [...]


Often people would like a easy way to roam from terminal to terminal.. this could be scenarios like a warehouse where multiple users has to use the same terminal, or in a large building where you have to use many terminals have your windows session follow you. Manny people will by default think this is [...]


To ensure that the NEXlaptop built-in wlan card works properly under eLuxRL the following steps must be executed.
Elux Firmware reset …Go into to the starter with CTRL+Windows keys and click on the  Setup/Firmware tabs. Click on the RESET button and then SAVE and REBOOT.
 In the bios under EXIT  select Set factory defaults
 In the bios under ADVANCED  set IDE Channel [...]

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